The Incredible Elasti-mom: An Introduction

Thank you for visiting my site!  

Several years ago, when my husband and I were first engaged, we put our very first joint transaction into purchasing Disney Pixar’s ‘The Incredibles’ on DVD. If you can imagine, it was kinda funny, really, to see 2 kids (for that is what we were) putting their spare lunch-money together at the Wal-Mart checkout stand to purchase a kids’ movie. I can still remember the cashier’s glance of bewilderment as she handed us our change. But, alas, there we were.  Little did I realize that in the years to come, that movie would come to play such a crucial role in how I looked at myself and at other mothers before me and how incredible they are and have the potential of being. Let’s put that into a bit of context, shall we?

Who am I?
Aside from being a busy mom to 4 outrageously wild children, I am #5 of 6 children in my family… that is before my parents adopted 6 more awesome brothers and sisters bringing the grand total to 12.  As a kid, I learned to greatly appreciate how my amazing mother did so much with so little. She was outnumbered, outgunned, outmatched, outpaced, outwitted, and yet never quite outsmarted by all of us. She fed us, she sang to us, she taught us multicultural arts, she also worked, fulfilled her responsibilities in our local church, and she always made sure each of us was looked after. Although I can say we collectively stretched her pretty thin at times, I am truly impressed she never snapped… literally!  I gotta say it wasn’t easy for her, but I admired all she did and still does for her family. She truly was and is my personal ‘Incredible Elasti-mom’.
Beyond the Mask…
With that said, the primary purpose of this sites is to become a place where anyone can come and visit and contribute to unmasking the ‘Incredible Elasti-Mom’. I firmly believe a bit of her resides in all of us for she is the embodiment of everything we want to be as mothers and as people. The only way we can truly discover that raw potential is through our continued efforts to improve the way we see ourselves. Discovering little secrets to improve our flexibility with our children also can’t hurt! In this place, I invite you to read and enjoy my stories. However, I would love to hear your ideas as well! Please feel free to reply to my posts. Please, however, remember to be mindful and respectful of each other. Also, please, no political debates, religious bantering, or rudeness. There’s plenty of room for that type of rhetoric elsewhere. 

My aim is to remind each of you how much we need each other and how much stronger we are when we put our mettle together. And now, in the words of the beloved Helen Parr (aka Mrs. Incredible) IT’S TIME TO ENGAGE!!!