A Dash of ‘Effit’ Goes a Long Way

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At this little juncture, I want to take a quick sec and say Thank You to each of you who have contributed your comments and thoughts to my page.  In a real sense, I am more interested in your experiences than I am my own since being Incredible really takes more than just one person.  With that said, I’d like to share one of my insights from the life of The Incredible Elastimom and how a dash of ‘Effit’ can go a long way.

Tonight, my husband and kids went to task with raking up the leaves in our yard while I endeavored to tackle our dishes and come up with something for dinner.  Being the day after Halloween, I was exhausted from the celebrity death-march (aka trick-or-treating) that my superhero children and my husband subjected me to. With that said, I somewhat begrudgingly went to our pantry to weigh my options.  After rummaging through the array of cans and boxes, I decided Chicken Tetrazinni Pasta seemed like the easiest option. So I went back into the kitchen and started frying up some chicken.

As it was cooking, I ventured back to my pantry to get some spaghetti noodles and abruptly realized that what I thought was a full box of spaghetti noodles was actually a full box of lasagna noodles. The box of spaghetti noodles was sadly no longer among the living. Uh oh, I thought. So I looked at our penne noodle reserves and realized, crap! Those were almost gone too! Seashell pasta? Gone. Bowtie? Nope! Regatte… oh yay, a handful! Macaroni… frighteningly low. At this point, I was starting to feel a pang of frustration, like the sort of ‘stick a fork in me, I’m done’ frustration. Anyhoo, upon cooking, I realized I was going to come up short on my medley of noodles. As I returned back to my pantry to see if I had anything else, I suddenly realized I could use the serving size of ‘Easy Mac-n-Cheese’ noodles. Then, without thinking, I shrugged and muttered, “Effit” as I went back into the kitchen with the box of ‘Easy Mac’ and hoping my 9-year-old wouldn’t read too much into my colorful terminology.

With the meal cooked and my family chowing it down, I suddenly realized what a revolutionary concept a fresh meal of ‘Effit’ tasted like. My children certainly didn’t mind the noodle medley. In fact, I got a shout-out from my 4-year-old who proclaimed this his favorite meal since it had his recognizable mac-n-cheese noodles. I was also quite pleased with the compliment my husband gave me on my creativity (I’ll confess to him later how many times I have resorted to that secret dash of ‘Effit’ at the dinner table).

The truth is, we need to remind ourselves from time to time that the secret to being incredible, as it were, is to be willing to accept the fact that not every meal is going to be a masterpiece. We have so many demands on our time that we have to acknowledge that we need to be sane to keep up with those demands. Fretting over not having the right ingredients for a simple meal only stresses me out, which in turn stresses my kids out, which then stresses out my husband, which then stresses out the cat who then lashes out at the 4-year-old (ok, he deserved it for not leaving the poor animal’s tail alone, but still!).

Is my house immaculate? No. The kitchen clean? Nope. Is laundry done? Sigh! Wine bottle full? I plead the fifth. Diet Dr. Pepper reserves on hand? I’m not at liberty to say. But are my kids satisfied with their care? I think so.  I know I’m trying my best to make it that way and, in case of emergency (or if I just simply don’t care enough to give a flying rat’s), I have plenty of extra ‘Effit’ stored away in case I need it!

-Incredible Elastimom

6 Replies to “A Dash of ‘Effit’ Goes a Long Way”

  1. I made homemade egg noodles for the first time today (worth the effort but I’m not going to want to put in that amount of effort on the fly ((which is why i doubled the batch and froze half along with the half of meatballs)) doubling a meal and freezing is my big effit secret!

    1. It’s so true though! I’d love to hear a bit more about your experience with this mind-blowing ingredient. I think the examples, while countless, are something we all can take to heart.

  2. I love the raw honesty of this. It’s nice to see “imperfect” moments! You turned a situation into something yummy and a fun memory to share! Win/win if I do say so myself 🙂

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