Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Tween Girl

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This summer I came to the sad realization that I’d reached the end of an era.  My sweet little girl is no longer my little girl.  She is no longer drawn to wearing her Princess attire and doesn’t play with her Barbie Dolls as much.  My girl had officially entered the Tween phase.

Now, as I prepare to complete my Christmas shopping, I have come to another realization.  Her Christmas gift list is totally different from last year.  Last year her list was made up of all toys.  This year she doesn’t even know what she wants.  What kinds of gifts would a tween girl like to open up on Christmas morning?

Girl under Christmas tree with presents

Here is my list of tween girl gift ideas. Some of my ideas may surprise you.

Books:  I know, I know! books probably are the very last thing that your young tween would put on their lists.  But as parents, I feel that it is our duty to encourage our children to read.  So, if they must read, let them read something they’ll enjoy.

  • Princess in Black series by Shannon Hale

  • Owl Diaries series by Rebecca Elliott

  • Amelia Bedelia series by Herman Parish

  • Nancy Clancy series by Jane O’Connor

  • The Stinky Cheese Man by Jon Scieszka

Toys:  My tween girl may be past her princess stage, she does still, occasionally, play with toys.  With that in mind, I did want to include some toy options with this gift list.  Maybe it’s my inner girl coming out when I see these toys but I think that they would be a hit.

  • Fingerlings 

  • Polly Pocket

  • Pomsies

Arts and Crafts:   This is the part of the gift list that I see my girl being the most excited about.  She loves to create things, whether it’s just drawing a picture or taking one.  I must be honest, some of these items make me want to pull out our craft table and have some fun.

  • Beados

  • Window Cling Art

  • Water Globes

  • Magnetic Tile Art

  • Crystal Growing Kit

  • Boogie Board

  • Camera

Accessories:  There are a lot of gift ideas that could be placed on this list, so I’m only putting a few items here.

  • Jewelry

  • Nail Polish

  • Headphones

Games:  My girl has recently discovered that she really likes to play games.  So I found a few games that I know she already likes and a few that I would like to learn how to play with her.

  • Apples to Apples Junior

  • Enchanted Forest

  • Hedbanz

  • Sequence for Kids


Even though my girl is growing older, I still get really excited over the prospect of her opening her presents on Christmas morning.  Seeing the wonder in my children’s eyes on Christmas morning is my greatest gift.  Good luck with your shopping.

– The Incredible Elastimom


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  1. I don’t have a tween yet (my daughter is only just about to be 4) but as a former tween myself (many, many years ago haha) I can say that these are all things that I would have loved at that age! Especially polly pocket!! I used to LOVE them so much! Great list!

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