Incredible Moms: Getting to Know Our Superpowers

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Moms are pretty Incredible in so many things that they do.  So it is so sad when you see media posts out there that are shaming mothers for the littlest things.  In my previous post, I explore why I feel that mothers are the ultimate superheroes who rarely seek out the limelight for there actions.  In this second post, I would like to explore some of the Superpowers that moms possess.

Look what I Just Made!
Can You Feel It??
My Spidey-Sense is Tingling… or Something Like That


Look what I Just Made!

You’d better believe I’m counting this one first! This is the one power where men have nothing on us. This first superpower that I’ve witnessed in mothers is, indeed, the very ability that we have to create life within our bodies.  But this gift and power of life that we have doesn’t stop with giving birth.  After the birth of our new creations, our bodies are then able to create a food supply stock-full of life-giving nutrients that our babies are able to continue to grow strong.  When our baby is sick, our bodies can create the exact medicine that they will need to overcome their illness.  In my eyes, the power of creation is among the ultimate superpowers to have.

Can You Feel It??

But for us moms, superpowers do not end with creation. They continue to extend into so many other aspects of our lives.  For example, have you ever considered the magnificent superpower found right at the tips of your fingers?! The touch of a mother is said to be so soothing, so calming, and so reassuring that it can calm the mind and troubled spirit of not just their children but those around them.  I have even been mesmerized by the accounts I’ve read of mothers who have restored life to their lifeless infants.  How many times have you healed your child’s ‘wounds’ with a kiss or hugged away their troubles?   The majestic power found at the tips of your fingers is a superpower that must never be underestimated.

My Spidey-Sense is Tingling… or Something Like That

Since we’re on the subject of superpowers, have you ever heard of the term, “a mother’s “Intuition”, or a mother’s “instinct”?  I gotta say that “Spidey-sense” is pretty incredible, indeed!  I know all you comic buffs may try to gimme a run for my money or even contest this one, but you know what? I’m gonna say that moms have something very similar.  Isn’t it crazy how we are able to walk into a room and instantly ‘foresee’ what kind of disasters could happen and then take swift action to prevent these disasters from happening, sometimes only mere seconds away from that potential disaster?  

A little while ago, I had a really crazy similar experience with my little Smallish-Bear. I had gone upstairs to use our bathroom with my then 18 month-old Bear following closely behind me.  I wasn’t too worried about him on our stairs because he had been navigating them for months.  Also, I had long since accepted the fact that nothing was personal, not even a trip to the bathroom alone, so I kept the door open to watch for those tiny eyes to come peeking up from the stairs. As I waited for him, something just pricked at the back of my mind causing me to stop and just watch for him.  A moment later I saw his little head poke up from the stairs with a smile on his face. As he reached the top and prepared to stand up, I just knew that he was too close to the edge and that his feet were going to slip. Without thinking, I pivoted and lept for him with outstretched arms, catching him just as his center of gravity was starting to pull him off balance and over the edge on the unforgiving journey to the bottom of the stairs.  It marvels me at how it all sort of played out as well. It was as if, for a moment, I connected with my inner Elastigirl and became at one with Mrs. Incredible, herself as I stretched to capacity and saved my baby’s world.   

Superheroes Aren’t Perfect

Ok folks, here’s the deal. Just because us moms are superheroes, doesn’t mean that we’re perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  If we turn once again to the movie “The Incredibles” you will not only see a fun movie about superheroes, but you will also see a movie about a family.  This family is full of love, but they also have their problems.  The character I love the most is Mrs. Incredible herself (aka Elastigirl).  Yes, she has her superpowers, but she also has the mantle of being a mother and wife as well.  Most of the time you see this mom who is calm and collected.  One who is able to be stern but loving; caring but firm; organized but spontaneous and fun.  But what you don’t realize, until later, is that all of that is a mask that she is wearing.  One that she feels she needs to wear to keep her family together and safe.  But underneath that mask is a woman who is full of insecurities and weaknesses, just like the rest of us.  Pixar’s portrayal of her as a mom has continued to grow on me more and more as I’ve changed from that young, freshly engaged woman, to a wife and now mother of 4.        

My favorite part of the movie (and a spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it yet!) is when Elastigirl has just discovered two of her kids Violet and Dash, have disobeyed her orders and stowed away on her jet, while she is on her way to rescue their father, Mr. Incredible.  While arguing with her children she hears the warning signal of incoming missiles and immediately jumps into action trying to prevent the plane from being hit and blown up.  While she is trying to dodge these oncoming rockets she is also yelling at her daughter to use her force-field powers to protect the plane.  Although she is unable to prevent the explosion she is still able to protect her children.  Through all of this, you can see her trying to maintain her composure, but her stress level is very high and we witness her yelling at her kids.  But what happens later is what makes her an amazing mom.  When they later reach the island, She makes sure that Dash knows how proud of him she is.  She also has an exchange with Violet here she apologizes to her daughter for expecting too much of her in such a short period of time.  What an amazing mom!

We aren’t perfect and we will have outbursts of frustration and anger that will be aimed at our children or others.  This doesn’t make you a bad parent, it makes you human.  But to become superhuman, as it were, you have to be willing to admit your mistakes and fix them.  That is how we can continue to grow and move forward with our Super-Mom Powers.  Every mom is a Superhero, you just need to remember that you are Incredible too! After all, we’re faster than a sugar-amped toddler, more powerful than a fiery tantrum, and fully capable of reading the minds of even the sneakiest children!

— Mrs. Incredible Elasti-Mom

I would also love your input on other superpowers possessed by moms. Please feel free to comment below!

8 Replies to “Incredible Moms: Getting to Know Our Superpowers”

  1. Thank you! This post gave me all the feels. I love love love the reminder that we are superheroes and yes, we do have spidey senses!

  2. This is so true! It’s pretty amazing what we “turn into and what kind of “super-powers” we gain when we become a mother. I know we all used to joke about our moms having eyes in the back of their head and then eventually we have gifted that power as well! It’s basically like having a sixth sense to just KNOW when something is off/not right. It is pretty great what mothers can do! 🙂

    1. I have found that our level of perception in this regard is a good gauge on how we are doing as moms. The fact that you recognize these “eyes in the back of (your) head” and respond accordingly is a good indicator that you are on the right track as a mother. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Awe I love this. Sometimes we moms sell ourselves short, and we shouldn’t! It’s so much healthier to focus on strengths and build on those. I hadn’t really given that scene from Incredibles much thought, but now that you point it out, it really is a great moment! It’s ok for us to apologize to our kids!

  4. I feel like the biggest super power is being able to do 100 things at once. We can get diapers changed, dinner made, school projects done, house cleaned, groceries purchased and more all while keeping kids reasonably happy.

  5. Gosh, I really love this post! Creating life itself is indeed a superpower. Our children are always coming to us for comfort, helping them to calm down. It’s amazing what we can do.

  6. I need to print this off and put it on my fridge for days when I feel inadequate as a mom. I forget that I do a bunch of different things and the one thing that I don’t do is okay. Thank you!

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